A Holiday High-end GPU update

In the midst of a festive season, we bring tidings of good graphical cheer to some of the highest tiers of our main PC building chart!

New GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia are now making an appearance, and causing some accompanying changes for older graphics cards.

A few GPUs have been added to our chart:


    • RTX 4080 (added to Extremist)
    • RX 7900 XTX (added to Extremist)
    • RX 7900 XT (added to Enthusiast)

The nVidia RTX 4080 is a month old, but only recently got a serious price drop. That, of course, is thanks to the other two cards from AMD, the 7900 XT and 7900 XTX. These three cards are (now) quite close to each other in performance and price, so we are adding all three.

Someone needs to tell AMD that names like “RX 7900 XT + RX 7900 XTX” are nonsensical and borderline comical.

A few GPUs have been moved in our chart:


    • RX 6950 XT (moved to Exceptional)
    • RX 6900 XT (moved to Outstanding)

A few GPUs have been removed from our chart:


    • RTX 3080
    • RTX 3080 Ti
    • RTX 3090
    • RTX 3090 Ti

The GPUs that are being removed are not bad, in fact they are excellent. However, the prices are very bad at the moment, with AMD’s pricing making the better alternative.

It is reasonable to expect that nVidia will adjust after the end-of-year buying frenzy is over, and that within a month or two we will see many of nVidia’s cards getting a severe price cut to match AMD.

Around the world:

In countries where the four graphics cards I’ve just listed are still priced competitively, we will not remove them as there is no need.

I stress that these are great cards, and we will be adding them back as soon as prices improve.