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PC Build Success Story: Jim’s Design Workstation Build

A power supply and graphics card await to get installed in Jim's Enthoo Primo case.

A power supply and graphics card await installation into Jim’s Enthoo Primo case.

Until a few months ago, 53-year-old Logical Increments reader Jim had never attempted to build his own PC. He had always purchased pre-built desktops for his design work, but felt like their components were already antiquated by the time he unboxed the PC.

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GTX 950 Launched at $160, Added to Very Good Tier

GTX 950

This week, NVIDIA launched the smallest member of its Maxwell GPU family, the GTX 950. Launch prices range from $160 to $170, depending on manufacturer, landing the 950 firmly in the ‘mid-tier’ GPU category.

After examining early reviews, we have added the new card to the Very Good tier on the U.S. parts list. Looking at its competition, it beats the AMD’s $150 R7 370 and matches the performance of AMD’s slightly pricier R7 270X.

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