Video: Turning the Logical Increments Destitute Tier into an Arcade Cabinet, Part 1

Chris from Code the Things has begun a very unique test for the ‘Destitute’ tier of our main build chart: he’s turning it into an arcade cabinet. What a twist!

In this first video about the project, he covers the initial woodworking for the DIY cabinet construction.


A Challenge Befitting the Challenger (At Last!)

The ‘Destitute’ tier is the least powerful and least expensive machine recommended in the Logical Increments PC building chart (the main chart, on our homepage). We’ve posted here about previous tests Chris has video-fied since putting together the exact PC we recommend in that tier, which were focused on testing it out in normal 1080p multiplayer gaming and testing it out in game streaming services.

We were unsurprised to see it receive failing grades in those tests—especially the first one. But we remained cautiously optimistic that he might find some success in using this machine (which is definitively not designed for running games) in some categories of gaming, such as 720p/low gaming, indie gaming, or retro gaming.

Well, when we mused about those options, we were just imagining he might do another set of benchmarks with more modest goals . . . but he has gone above and beyond the call of duty! He seized upon the notion of using the ‘Destitute’ build to run retro games, and ran with it.

His plan is to put together a sleek 4-player arcade cabinet that is powered by the ‘Destitute’ tier. Speaking for ourselves, we’re very excited to see the future parts of this series, so we can check out how he wires up the system to his cabinet and (above all) how it handles the emulators! If you’re as interested in that as we are, you may want to consider subscribing to his channel.



As has become tradition by this point in sharing Chris’ videos about our ‘Destitute’ tier, we’d like to close by underscoring how delighted we are to see people building and testing our recommendations—from the top of the chart to the bottom.

If you ever do something interesting like this with one of our builds, please do let us know about it!

arcade cabinet stand