Logical Increments Is Supporting The Turing Trust

This month, we here at Logical Increments have decided to donate to The Turing Trust, a charity organization that brings computer access and IT education to schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our donation will take the form of 10% of all profits earned during the month of September. You can help us support them directly by donating to The Turing Trust, or indirectly by simply purchasing PC hardware through a link on our site this month.

What is The Turing Trust?

The UK-based Turing Trust has provided computers and training to over 55,000 students in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, and more. They’ve cooperated in this effort with existing charity organizations in Africa.

Founded by family members of the brilliant foundational computer scientist Alan Turing, The Turing Trust recycles used computers and components for use in schools in areas of Africa where those resources are lacking.

They also provide training and education programs (both remotely and in-person) to teach students and teachers about computer usage in the schools receiving hardware from them.

Why is Logical Increments Making this Donation?

Logical Increments is a site by people that love computers, and for people that love computers. Those of us on staff here get to do something that we truly enjoy—working for a company that we respect on projects that matter to us.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to do this, and as a result we want to give something back.

All of the charts and articles on Logical Increments are aimed at education and convenience on the topics of computer hardware and computer software. As such, the mission of The Turing Trust felt like a very natural fit for us, with their goal of helping the next generation learn about computers and attain new opportunities through computer access.

How Can You Help?

You can participate in this charity drive of ours without changing your interaction with Logical Increments in any way. Our donation will be 10% of our earnings for the month, so simply buying computer hardware through a link on our site will translate into us making a larger donation to The Turing Trust.

If our description of the charity has piqued your interest, however, and you’d like to contribute more directly, there are several ways you can help them out: (1) you can make a direct monetary donation to The Turing Trust, (2) you can donate used computer hardware to The Turing Trust, or (3) you can share the Turing Trust site or this article with your friends and family.

(If you happen to be in or near a relevant facility in Scotland, Malawi, Ghana, or Kenya, it may also be possible for you to volunteer your time at a physical location—although it sounds like some of their volunteer work has been moved to a remote/online model recently, for obvious reasons.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope that talking about The Turing Trust here, and making our donation at the end of the month, can have a positive impact!