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Windows Workstation vs. iMac Pro

windows workstation or imac pro

A lot of enthusiast workstation customers are eagerly awaiting the release of the $5,000 iMac Pro coming in December. Yet, with such a price tag, it had me wondering if it’s the best option for money. With the release of the brand new iMac, it comes as no surprise that avid Apple fans are looking to Sell My iMac to see how much money they could get if they were to sell it. The money can then be put towards buying the latest option. Everyone one has their own preference when it comes to Windows or Apple and that’s not a problem. So join me as we delve into workstation parts to find the answer!

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PC Build Success Story: Jim’s Design Workstation Build

A power supply and graphics card await to get installed in Jim's Enthoo Primo case.

A power supply and graphics card await installation into Jim’s Enthoo Primo case.

Until a few months ago, 53-year-old Logical Increments reader Jim had never attempted to build his own PC. He had always purchased pre-built desktops for his design work, but felt like their components were already antiquated by the time he unboxed the PC.

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