The BEST Newegg Black Friday 2023 Deals on PC Hardware!

Newegg Black Friday 2023 sales! These are Logical Increments’ picks for the best Newegg Black Friday 2023 deals.

Black Friday is the day where a large number of retailers all around the world have the biggest sales of the year. Newegg’s focus on PC hardware makes it one of the absolute best places to find deals for building a computer on Black Friday. We’ve sifted through hundreds of deals to bring you this list of the 45 best deals on PC components, across nearly every important component category. This year has solid deals for both CPUs and graphics cards, which has not happened in quite a while!

But that’s not all—some of the best discounts we found were actually on high-end power supplies and gaming screens. And you’ll find other computer parts discounted nicely in the list below, too.

Please note: Some of the best deals are dependent on rebates. Such rebates are reliable, but only if you follow the instructions exactly and submit everything on time, so better be careful!

Acer Nitro

Black Friday deals, like 20% off on this attractive gaming monitor, are here!

Table of Contents for Newegg Black Friday Deals:



Graphics Cards


MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 3060

$250 $290 after $20 rebate (a discount of $40 or 14%)

For those who need a decent mid-range card with a pretty decent discount.

ASUS Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

$300 $330 (a discount of $30 or 9%)

The box has a tiger on it! That means power!

MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 4060 Ti

$330 $400 after $30 rebate (a discount of $70 or 18%)

An excellent card with a hefty discount making it even more appealing.

ASRock Radeon RX 6700 XT Challenger D

$300 $330 (a discount of $30 or 9%)

Vroom, vroom, baby! Give me all the frames in all the games!




AMD Ryzen 5 7600X

$220 $300 (a discount of $80 or 27%)

The true discount from its usual pricing is closer to $30, but this still an abnormally good price on a great mid-range CPU.

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

$370 $450 (a discount of $80 or 18%)

An excellent gaming CPU, usually severely overpriced… but not today!

Intel Core i5-12600K

$150 $300 (a discount of $150 or 50%)

This is a fantastic deal for a very good CPU.

Intel Core i7-12700KF

$200 $290 (a discount of $90 or 31%)

This version comes without an iGPU, in case the one below is out-of-stock (or you’re short 11 bucks). Excellent CPU, by the way.

Intel Core i7-12700K

$211 $450 (a discount of $239 or 53%)

Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home- oh? It is not time yet? Well, here is a very good CPU on a steep discount.




be quiet! Pure Rock 2

$35 $44 (a discount of $9 or 20%)

We have been recommending this cooler for a while, because it is good and affordable!

Scythe Fuma 3

$46 $50 (a discount of $4 or 8%)

The discount is puny, but the cooler is fantastic! If you were looking for a cooler like this one anyway, might as well take the puny savings!

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

$70 $90 (a discount of $20 or 22%)

Great cooling, very quiet, and high build quality. Now with a discount!




Crucial Pro 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 5600

$68 $90 (a discount of $22 or 24%)

When you need some RAM, then you find some RAM, then you buy that RAM, with a discount on the RAM. This is that time.

CORSAIR Vengeance 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR5 5200

$150 $160 (a discount of $10 or 6%)

RAM stands for ‘random access memory.’ You and I should also stand for random access memory, because it is a highly respectable piece of hardware. Available for slightly less money than usual, for a limited time.





$115 $150 (a discount of $35 or 23%)

Woohoo, SSDs! This is amongst the fastest, and the capacity is quite good.


$230 $350 (a discount of $120 or 34%)

And this one has a capacity that is even good-er! Four terabytes! Enough for quite a few episodes of Dragon Ball Z (obtained fully legally with zero eyepatches or hand-hooks).




Corsair 4000D

$80 $105 (a discount of $25 or 24%)

Very classy design, suitable for the office, the game room, the kitchen, and in front of the green screen (green paint not included).

be quiet! Pure Base 500DX

$80 $110 (a discount of $30 or 27%)

Other companies have hits and misses, but ‘be quiet!’ consistently hits bullseyes, and this is a good example.

Phanteks Eclipse P400A

$75 $110 after $10 rebate (a discount of $35 or 32%)

One of the most popular cases in recent years, and for good reason.


$100 $110 (a discount of $10 or 9%)

Oh my, Lian Li! Class and poise and RGB!

Antec Performance 1 FT

$150 $160 (a discount of $10 or 6%)

Jumping out of the Formula One race and landing on your desktop, this case is cool and gorgeous! If you are rich and reading this, feel free to buy two of these and send one to us (our shipping address is below).


$210 $270 after $20 rebate (a discount of $60 or 22%)

This is the big one they have in showrooms, when you want people to take one look and be in awe. Magnificent.


Power Supplies


EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GT (80 Plus Gold 650W, Fully Modular)

$85 $120 (a discount of $35 or 29%)

A power supply, to supply power. It is all modular, to modulate your all.

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT (80 Plus Gold 750W, Fully Modular)

$90 $130 (a discount of $40 or 31%)

This is a good time to get the high-quality stuff (fully modular, gold or higher), since the sales make it affordable.

be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 850W (80+ Gold, Modular)

$100 $135 (a discount of $35 or 26%)

If your current PSU is old, then you want this. If you have no PSU at all, then you need this!

Super Flower Leadex Platinum 850W (80+ Platinum, Full Modular)

$170 $200 (a discount of $30 or 15%)

Even with the discount, it is still a bit pricey. But if you want the best…

be quiet! Straight Power 12 1000W (80+ Platinum)

$190 $260 (a discount of $70 or 27%)

Able to support powerful setups, with excellent quality!




Rosewill NEON K51B

$20 $55 (a discount of $35 or 64%)

Wow! Now that is cheap! And very colourful…

Rosewill NEON K85 RGB

$30 $90 (a discount of $60 or 67%)

Also very cheap, but even more colourful-er than the above!

Razer BlackWidow V3 TKL

$80 $100 (a discount of $20 or 20%)

One of the most popular gaming keyboards of all time.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO

$110 $160 (a discount of $50 or 31%)

Built-in wrist rest on this one. Very nice, very nice.


$130 $200 (a discount of $70 or 35%)

A well-reviewed, high-quality keyboard.

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED

$160 $250 (a discount of $90 or 36%)

Same as the above, but wireless!

ASUS ROG Azoth 75

$200 $250 (a discount of $50 or 20%)

Which mythical fantasy creature rose from the abyss to lend its fearsomeness to this keyboard? A fantastic ‘75% layout’ keyboard. Pricey, but noticeably less pricey than usual!




Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

$90 $150 (a discount of $60 or 40%)

A great wireless gaming mouse? Very rare, and now on discount!

Logitech G502 HERO

$40 $50 (a discount of $10 or 20%)

The discount here is small, but because of its reasonable standard price this ends up being a decent sale by percentage. And, at any rate, this is simply one of the best mice ever made.




MSI G2412V (24″, 100Hz, 1920×1080)

$90 $120 (a discount of $30 or 25%)

There is a serious set of discounts on gaming screens this year, and this one has even dropped temporarily below $100!

Acer Nitro QG241Y S3 (23.8inch, 180Hz, 1920×1080)

$120 $150 (a discount of $30 or 20%)

180 Hz is an excellent refresh rate, and this is a superb price for it.

ASUS VG27AQA1A (27″, 170Hz, 2560×1440)

$170 $250 after $10 rebate (a discount of $80 or 32%)

1440p gaming screens, once ultra-expensive and rare, are now super-affordable (especially during sale events).

GIGABYTE G27Q (27″, 144Hz, 2560×1440)

$210 $250 (a discount of $40 or 16%)

Look at it! It is beautiful!

MSI G321CUV (32″, 60Hz, 3840×2160)

$240 $260 (a discount of $20 or 8%)

Heaven have mercy upon us all… for 4K resolution, this screen’s price is downright sinful!

Acer XV2 (32”, 144Hz, 3840×2160)

$400 $700 (a discount of $300 or 43%)

Unlike the ordinary 60Hz 4K screen above, this monitor is 144Hz 4K. Incredible smoothness and visual fidelity are on the table here, if your hardware can handle it. And during the sale, this monitor is way cheaper than usual!

SAMSUNG Odyssey Neo G7 (43”, 144hz, 3840×2160)

$600 $1000 (a discount of $400 or 40%)

144Hz 4K with a massive 43″ physical size? I know this screen doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my shopping cart, Newegg is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? 144 FPS at 4K is bliss.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 (57″, 240Hz, 7680×2160)

$2000 $2500 (a discount of $500 or 20%)

Our priciest recommendation this year, but good grief… just look at it! The sheer size, the refresh rate, the incredible resolution! It’s a curved 4K ultrawide monitor that still manages to have the highest refresh rate in this whole section. If you buy one, you should know that it is ILLEGAL to refrain from taking a picture and tagging us.




Rosewill Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat or Dog, Up to 6.5 lbs of Dry Food with Alarm, Portion Control & Voice Recorder

$30 $90 (a discount of $60 or 67%)

Wololo! WOLOLO! Wololo! WOLOLO!


Will There Be More Newegg Black Friday Deals?

These are the Black Friday sales. After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday! We hope that you have found something here that you like! But if you haven’t, there may indeed be more deals on the way. So check back here this coming Monday in case of additional recommendations.

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If you’ve waited at the door of discounts like this chinchilla, strike now. It opens only briefly. (Photo by ilya_ktsn)