Video: Testing out Game Streaming Services with the Logical Increments Destitute Tier

Chris from Code the Things is back with another round of tests for the ‘Destitute’ tier of our main build chart: game streaming services! With another round of tests on our most affordable build comes another terrific video, featured above.

Streaming Services? Like Twitch?

No! Not like that! He’s talking about playing games through cloud services like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and PS Now.

The company runs the game on their server, and your system just sends your inputs to the server through the magic of the internet. Games and graphics that seemed entirely out of reach become achievable, at the cost of input lag. As such, when it comes to online competitive multiplayer titles, results continue to be mixed.

But in the video, you’ll see how game streaming provides the ‘Destitute’ build of our main chart with access to much better graphical settings across the board. And he has included some sleek splitscreen views so you can compare for yourself.

As for playing AAA single-player games like Hitman and Cyberpunk, I think you’re in for a bit of a shock with what the ‘Destitute’ build can pretend it’s capable of doing! Based on what you’ll see in the video, it’s likely that things could be even better when playing streamed games in genres that are separated further from reaction timing, like turn-based strategy games, puzzle games, card-based games, and simulation games.

This was a great idea for a set of tests (and a great idea for a video), and frankly it’s a use case for our lowest-tier build that we hadn’t really considered ourselves. He had a very clever idea and ended up with some surprising results.

Personally, I’d still be interested to see what the ‘Destitute’ tier can achieve when it comes to emulation and retro gaming (hint, hint, Chris). Anyway, you never know how he might test this and other systems and services in the future, so if you want to be notified when he drops new content, be sure to subscribe to his channel!


As we said in our post about his previous video on this build, we love to see folks assembling and testing our builds, from the bottom of the chart to the top!

Chris also runs a Code the Things website where he posts all of his videos as well as other content. So if you love the video, you should check that out too.