Equinoxdini’s Alternate Chart

Disqus user Equinoxdini has created an alternate chart and requested that we feature it, so here it is!

It may be of particular interest to those of you facing significant availability woes, and (at least for now) those of you who have been asking about Intel options while our main chart’s recommendations are (temporarily) dominated by AMD CPUs.

Here’s some more context about the current and possible future state of this chart, from its creator:

It was meant to be an alternative chart. It should also show that creating a chart doesn’t take insane amount of time. (It took me 5 hours) As indicated by the version number in the top left-hand corner I will try to keep updating it. This version of the chart isn’t good enough, I will update it when the new CPUs and GPUs are available. This chart also features some insane Cyber Monday deals like the ASUS Prime Z490-A for $160 [which would no longer be available].

You can click the image below to get a closer look at it. Without further ado, here it is: