Update on September’s Turing Trust Donation Drive

Last month, we announced our intention to make a donation to The Turing Trust as a share of our September profits.

We are proud to say that the donation drive is finished, and we are donating $1000 to them. Yeah! We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that used LI in September; we (literally) couldn’t have done it without you.

Additional Information

The final figure after we did our calculations of how much to donate was significantly lower than $1000. So we went ahead and added to the total to get to a nice, clean, round number: $1000. Notice how nice and clean that is?

If you want the full details, the amount we ended up donating after rounding up was £775.00, since The Turing Trust is in the UK. Which means our true donation in USD, after all of our clean-number-seeking, ended up being $1005.51. But that’s clearly not a nice, clean, round number, so we’re officially going to pretend that it is $1000. Pretend with us, my friend.

Anyway, Logical Increments is proud to be able to help others in their quest to achieve computer access and computer mastery. As a matter of fact, that’s what we do here all the time regardless. In all seriousness, we are very fortunate to do something we truly love, so we wished to share that fortune with others. And we couldn’t be more pleased to have been able to do it.

Going Forward

If you’d like to support The Turing Trust further, you can donate to them directly.

As for Logical Increments: please tell us your thoughts on this whole endeavor, as well as your ideas for future charities.