The Slightly Better APU Mini-Update

Zen 2 APUs

Some of the low-tier AMD CPUs released last year are now in a position to be added to our main build chart.

Changes to 3 Tiers:

3 months ago, AMD introduced the Athlon 3000G, a rebadged 240GE. Rebadges are typically not news, but this rebadged CPU cost only $50! Unfortunately, finding a 3000G for sale has not been easy, so it has taken this long for us to add to our list. The 3000G replaces the 200GE in Destitute.

We are adding/changing the other APUs as well:

In the Poor tier, we’re adding the R3 3200G as an alternative to the R3 2200G, since there is still a $10 price difference.

For the Minimum tier, the R5 3400G replaces the older 2400G, for the same price. The newer chip has faster clock speeds, but the same iGPU.