Ways to Support Logical Increments

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The Logical Increments PC Buying Guide helps people pick suitable parts for building a PC, for any budget, large or small. The main guide chart and our many guide articles are available to all users entirely for free, and without filling the site with annoying banner ads.

Over the years, many users have asked for ways to help support this site. For that, we thank you sincerely! If you want to help out, here are three ways that you can do that:


Please Disable Adblock and Affiliate Block Plugins

We have no banner ads! This will not affect your experience on the site!

Because we have no banner ads, for many years adblock had no adverse effect on us. In recent years, however, some adblockers have started removing affiliate tags from URLs, even though affiliate tags do not change the cost of an item in any way (they just send a small percentage of the purchase price to the referring domain—in this case, that’s us).

Purchasing items that we recommend through our links is currently the only way the site earns the revenue that supports its development, maintenance, and… well, existence. So whitelisting Logical Increments will help us.


Tell Your Friends About Us on Social Media

If you like us, please tell other people why you like us!

Some of our staff are grumpy, frumpy, frowny, prickly old men who yell at clouds and frequently tell kids to get off their lawn! (Okay, to be honest, that is just our eccentric co-founder The Falcon—the rest of the staff are nice folks).

Now, even The Falcon has heard about all this fancy new “innernet” stuff, and that there is something called “social medium” on it. It would help us out a lot if you share our links on this “social medium”, like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Youtube, and… Friendster and Myspace?


Let Us Know if We Should Accept Your Financial Support

We’re not currently accepting direct support, but may be someday!

As the site has grown, numerous people have asked us how they can donate to Logical Increments. We thank them sincerely, but the website can usually support itself entirely with the revenue generated when you buy through our links. If you are feeling generous, then we would like to follow the honourable example set by Philip (of PCPartPicker) in suggesting that you donate to a charitable organization instead.

If you truly insist on supporting us financially, then we could set up a method of crowdfunding such as a Patreon account at some point in the future (although that idea makes The Falcon uneasy). This would cut out a lot of the uncertainty that comes with running a website whose source of funding relies entirely on the unpredictable computer hardware market.

If you think a Patreon account is a good idea, please let us know! If you email us or comment to us about it, we will print out your messages, roll them up into a weapon, then threaten The Falcon with your Good Will Bludgeon(TM) until he sets up the account.