The RX 5500 XT Launch

The RX 5500 XT by AMD is their latest and smallest graphics card in the RX 5xxx series. The launch is mediocre, so this post is going to be small to match.

The Pricing and Performance Details:

  • The GTX 1650 Super is priced at $160
  • The RX 5500 XT is priced at $170
  • The RX 580 is priced at $170
  • The performance difference between those three cards is about 1%

The RX 5500 XT Breakdown:

That is right: The price and performance of their new 5500 XT card is indistinguishable from that of their old 580 card. Now, that is not a bad thing: The RX 580 was very heavily recommended! But it is not a good thing either: If newThing == oldThing, why even bother? That said, the new card uses less power, and thus is cooler and quieter, so there is definitely a reason to pick the 5500 XT over the 580 if you are building a new system or upgrading (provided there are no good sales on RX 580 cards at that time).

We have been following price trends for nearly ten years, and AMD is usually very bad with prices at launch, but very good at adjusting prices later on. You can fully expect that the 5500 XT will be more competitively priced once AMD gets about a quarter of a year’s worth of sales data.

Till that happens, the RX 5500 XT replaces the RX 580 in our Good tier. And if the RX 5500 XT is not available for sale in your country, rest assured that you are not missing out on anything by sticking to the RX 580, or the GTX 1650 Super for that matter.


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