The Gargantuan Logical Increments Redesign Update


So many shiny new things!

After over a year of development, our main site and chart just received a major makeover—with new features, new capabilities, and a new look (while maintaining all of the old functionality).

NOTE: See something broken or missing? If you are reading this immediately after it went up, then you might encounter some broken or missing elements on the site for a short period of time. We’re trying to get all of these issues fixed as fast as possible. In the meantime, if you need to see something that is temporarily unavailable, you can head over to to access the old version of the site for the time being.

Logical Increments Redesign Changelog

Now, here’s a list of some of the glorious new elements, with details about them:

– Full Mobile Device Compatibility

A frequent annoyance for our users over the past few years has been our site’s laughably poor interaction with the tiny screen resolutions of mobile devices. Most of our resources just cut off abruptly at the edge of the screen, without even a scrollbar to allow access to the missing content. Those days are over, as the new site should bring perfect scaling to screens big and small.

– Automatic Price Tracking

The prices in the main chart shouldTM better reflect the real prices on the product pages from now on, as they don’t always have to be manually updated by us anymore. This is one of the most exciting new features, but it’s also one of the most complicated changes and may have a few growing pains yet ahead of it—so if you see a price in the chart that doesn’t look right this month, please bear with us!

– More Frequent Updates

Until now, to update any page on the main site, some little gnomes that we acquired in a mystical land had to do an arcane ritual involving shuffleboard and eight dancing goats. But now we’ve developed a single large robotic gnome that can do the ritual goatless in less than half the time, so we’ve been able to reintroduce the gnomes and goats back into their natural habitat. Oh, and we can much more easily update the site’s resources with small changes day-to-day.

– Guide Browse Pages

There is now a more user-friendly, visually interesting way of scrolling through our many guides to see what is on offer: dedicated pages listing all of our task guides and all of our game guides. A simple feature, but it’s noticeable and it’s new, so it’s in the list.

– Guide Navigation Improvements

Our task guides and game guides have some new formatting to make them easier to navigate. You’ll notice this especially when using the new floating ‘table of contents’ on the left side of the page to jump around from section to section. But we’ve also adjusted the layout of our example builds (in each of our task guides) and performance charts (in each of our game guides) to be a bit easier on the eyes.

– Sleek and Dazzling Visuals

If you find yourself getting a bit flustered when looking at Logical Increments now, don’t worry: that’s perfectly normal. The site now sports a svelte, attractive combination of our classic layout and style together with new icons, menus, images, and colors. Sometimes we just open the new site and sit there—looking at it. (It’s not creepy, we swear.)

Have any questions about the update? Notice any persistent issues with how it works? Please share those thoughts (and any others) in the comments below!