The Logical Increments Redesign Enters Open Beta

Beta Launch Feature Image
We’re in the final phases of tinkering and fixing before the full rollout of our big redesign of Logical Increments (bringing improvements to mobile compatibility, chart functionality, article navigation, and more).

But it’s actually close enough to completeness right now to invite all of you to preview—and start using—the new version!

What is Already Implemented

Just about everything!

You can preview the new version of the main chart, all of the task guides, all of the game guides, the new browse pages, and most of the part guides.

You can even visit them on a phone or tablet without the site becoming unusable! An intriguing concept, we know!

What is Not Yet Implemented

If you’re outside of the US, or you’re looking for our peripheral guides, then you may want to stick to the current live site for the time being.

We’re still double-checking the correctness of the part info in all of the various country versions of the main chart, so many countries are not yet live (and the few that are have anywhere from a little to a lot of missing prices). We don’t accept almost perfect component information, so the new site won’t be fully launched until all of that is sorted out.

The peripheral guides, on the other hand, have become very out-of-date and will likely stay dormant for a bit while we work on full updates for them (even after the redesign officially launches).


If you notice any big bugs or issues, please do let us know! (If you notice small bugs or issues, we’re probably already working on them—but you can let us know about those too, just in case.) You can leave a comment below, or email us at

Click here to visit the new version of Logical Increments!