PC Build Success Story: Micro ATX Secondary Workstation PC

I’m the managing editor for Logical Increments, but I’m also a fan and a user of LI’s build guides and other resources. Each and every time I decide to build a computer, some of the research happens on this very site. The video above is a walkthrough of my Micro ATX PC building experience last September, which resulted from that research here and elsewhere.

Below you can find some more details on the build and video, as well as a full parts list.

PC Build Video Details:

In mid-summer of this year, I conspired with a few others to build a Micro ATX workstation PC as a holiday gift for someone. Well, sometime between the planning and the building, we changed tactics for that gift-giving endeavor, which left me with a complete build plan and a few ready-to-hand spare parts that were going to go to waste . . . we can’t have that!

Coincidentally, I had also been considering building a small-form-factor build for myself as a secondary, away-office unit for working on Logical Increments projects (as well as my own site and YouTube channel) whenever I visit my family. But that was originally envisioned as a Mini ITX build in Cooler Master’s Elite 110, with an Athlon 200GE as the CPU, aiming to just cover the basic workflow and skip some of the heavier tasks.

Still, it just seemed like a good fit—a ‘two birds, one stone’ situation—so the build proceeded, now in Corsair’s 88R and with an R5 2400G. As I mentioned, I was able to utilize a few spare items from previous builds and upgrades: a 1TB HDD, some dust filter mesh, a bit of blue carbon fiber wrap, and a second 120mm case fan to complement the one preinstalled in the 88R. But everything else (including all of the core components) was new.

I neglect to mention the source of the second case fan (which came from my Corsair 100R), and I skim over a few things like the motherboard choice and CPU cooler installation, but otherwise the video above gives a clear picture of the build process, with plenty of footage of both the parts and the completed machine.

Pile of Parts

PC Build Parts List:

Here’s a full list of the parts in this build, for you to peruse. If you’re curious about any of the choices, I have explanations of many of them in the video. If you’re curious about something not mentioned in the video, feel free to ask me.

MotherboardASRock B450M-HDV R4.0
RAMG.Skill 8GB (2 X 4GB) DDR4-2400
Power SupplySeasonic 450W S12III
HDD1TB Seagate Barracuda
SSD1TB Intel 660p
CaseCorsair 88R Micro ATX
Wifi CardHiRO PCIe x1 Network Adapter


Interior of build

Daniel Podgorski
is the Managing Editor for Logical Increments. He is also the writer, graphic designer, and video/audio editor behind The Gemsbok blog website and The Gemsbok YouTube channel.