A Small (GTX 1660 Super) Update

EVGA GTX 1660 Super

nVidia’s new Super 1660 makes the 1660 non-Super obsolete, and gives the 1660 Ti (also non-Super) a pretty hard time. As such, it is now the new default card for both the Good and Very Good tiers, with the Ti being an alternative.

Prices and Upcoming Releases

This update is pretty slim, since nVidia’s GPU department is producing GPUs like a well-oiled machine. If nVidia prices the cards right (i.e. not like the GTX 1650), then the cards will be recommended. The card runs cool and quiet, so all that is left is to check performance and price.

The 1650 Super is expected to be launched in November, and it will hopefully be a much better card than the non-super 1650 that it is replacing. The RX 5500 / 5500 XT will release soon too, hopefully providing some good competition in the sub $250 segments. We will check on those as soon as they launch.