Quick Update on SSDs in the Main Chart

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare famously said: “Keep the body free from disease, what affects RAM affects SSDs.” As always, this ancient wisdom has proven to be correct, and the recent (enormous) RAM price dive is being mirrored in SSDs.

So, let us update our SSD recommendations!

Going Forward

  • No more 120GB
    The price difference between 120GB and 240GB options is about ~$10, and 120GB is just too small. Even for the cheapest tiers, we will only recommend 240GB as an option.
  • More 500GB
    500GB SSDs are recommended as the default option from the Great tier to the Exceptional tier. So, we are recommending 500GB earlier and more often than before.
  • More M.2 options
    NVME/M.2 drives are typically faster than SATA SSDs, with the cheaper/value M.2 SSDs being roughly twice as fast. Since the prices are now very close, we recommend M.2 options whenever reasonable.
  • Slightly better info
    The “no SSD” option has an updated description, because it was suffering from an existential crisis.

In situations where the SSDs that we recommend in the USA table are not available (or overpriced) in another country, alternatives have been been found—as usual.