AMD and nVidia’s New (RX 5700 and RTX Super) Graphics Cards

If you have not been following the news, AMD announced new cards to be sold at $380 and $450. nVidia responded by releasing “Super” versions of its 2060 and 2070 cards, priced at $400 and $500. This prompted AMD to lower the release price of its cards, to $350 and $400.

Let us take a look at the competition at each price point:

$350: RTX 2060 vs. RX 5700

The non-Super RTX 2060 is a known quantity, and an excellent card for the price. The new non-XT 5700 has better performance, but only by a small margin. Since the 5700 is only available with stock coolers, it runs hotter and louder than the 2060.

So, for now, you can choose the better performing card, or the cooler/quieter one. In time, 5700 cards with custom cooling solutions will be available, and that means getting the better performance without the added heat/noise. When that happens, the 5700 will be the superior card without any caveats.

$400: RTX 2060 Super vs. RX 5700 XT

Both of these cards mirror the situation at $350: Great cards for the price, with the 5700 XT performing a bit better, but running a bit hotter and louder, when compared to the 2060 Super.

If building now, pick whichever solution appeals more to you.

$500: RTX 2070 Super vs. Nothing

All alone stands the RTX 2070 Super. Without competition, this card is an upgrade to the current 2070 (non-Super), providing about 10% better performance for the same price.

Hopefully, AMD will add some competition at this price point, since the 2070 Super seems pretty lonely.

Going Forward

The new cards will affect our Superb, Excellent, and Outstanding tiers. Also affected is the original RTX 2060, which has its description updated. In the near future, the RTX 2080 is expected to be replaced by the RTX 2080 Super.

It has been a very good month so far, with new CPUs and GPUs, all of them worthy of recommending. Competition is getting better, and competition is always good for the consumer!