The GTX 1660 (not ‘Ti’) Update


So, nVidia is launching its latest (and cheapest) card in the 12nm series of cards. The GTX 1660, like the GTX 1660 Ti before it, has no RTX. However, it does let you play Witcher 3 on 60FPS+ on 1080p for $220. This new card beats all other AMD 5xx cards in its price range, and that includes the RX 590. It consumes less power, produces less heat, and less noise too. Considering the good price and stellar 1080p performance, this card ought to be a winner.

It is a very uncomfortable feeling when you see a modern David and Goliath fighting, with Goliath completely pancaking David. Every 12nm card that nVidia has released has effortlessly crushed the competition from AMD. Looking back at previous releases, it looks like the same conclusion has been repeated ad nauseam: “The new card is more powerful, consumes less power, produces less heat and less noise.” AMD, darling, this cannot go on forever.

So while we wait for AMD to get its act together, we will be removing the RX 590 and GTX 1060, and adding the new GTX 1660 to the “Very good” tier.

The Falcon

PS: Somebody needs to go to AMD and drag some of its CPU engineers over to the GPU side.