Our Picks of the Best 2018 Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals on PC hardware

We’ve spent many hours and sleepless nights going through the best PC hardware deals from Newegg, Amazon, and others for Cyber Monday and Black Friday:

Newegg’s Cyber Monday Deals – We’ve gone through every single deal on Newegg for Cyber Monday (all roughly 3600 of them), and narrowed them down to our 77 top recommended discounts.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Deals – Just like on Black Friday, Amazon’s offerings pale in comparison to Newegg, but there are a few promising offers here.

3 Cyber Monday PC Builds – Three full example PC builds (for $525, $1260, or $3260) using only parts discounted for Cyber Monday.

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals – Amazon doesn’t have as many good deals as Newegg, but there is a great deal on Samsung’s excellent Odyssey VR headset, and good deals on SSDs, power supplies, and midrange GPUs.

Newegg’s Ultimate Deals – The best Newegg deals from Black Friday, and a lot of the best Black Friday deals period. The best deals on GPUs, CPUs, RAM, Cases…

Newegg’s 24-hour Black Friday Deals – A small selection of deals, including some good deals on a Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2070.

Newegg’s week-long Black Friday Deals – Pre- Black Friday deals, but still very good! Also, easier to actually buy before they sell out. If you don’t mind spending a few more dollars on a deal that’s much easier to get, these are excellent.

B&H’s Black Friday Deals – Not the best discounts on the web, nor the best selection of discounts, but some worthwhile offers nonetheless.

Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals – A few great deals in this one, including good prices on a GTX 1070 Ti and a Vega 56.

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals – Walmart continues its campaign toward competing with Amazon in the online retailer world, including a wide variety of Black Friday deals to browse.

Dell’s Black Friday Deals – Dell has some surprisingly solid deals on their monitors in honor of the day, plus a few random wireless peripherals.


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