Adding the TR 2950X (and a Few Extra Details)

AMD Threadripper 2950X


Major Change:
The recently-available-for-purchase TR 2950X easily and smoothly replaces the TR 1950X in our Extremist tier. The 1920X stays put till the 2920X get released (rumoured to be in October). If the 2950X has not been released in your country, then the 1950X will remain till it is available.

Minor changes:
Recently, a reader asked us about the extra 4-pin CPU connector on some AMD X470 motherboards. These motherboards have the standard 8-pin connector, but also an additional 4-pin. This additional 4-pin port is optional, meant for those who want to OC to either ~6GHz or beyond the speed of light. I added a “Caution” regarding this to the X470 motherboards in the Very Good and Superb tiers that have this option.
And for those buyers who do want this option, our PSUs in those tiers did not have the required connectors at the time of the reader’s question. As such, I have swapped the EVGA 650W G3 with the EVGA 650W G+. The G+ has the needed connectors.
Lastly, I have added a (slightly) higher-end mobo option to the more expensive Superb tier. The new ASUS Prime X470-Pro is now our most high-end option for the Superb tier mobos. The description for this motherboard may or may not be related or unrelated to certain or uncertain articles or non-articles that may or may not have appeared recently. *cough*
To recap:
  • We changed the TR 1950X to the TR 2950X.
  • We updated the mobo descriptions for the MSI X470 Gaming Plus and ASRock X470 Master
  • We added the ASUS Prime X470-Pro to the Superb tier
  • We changed the 650W G3 to the G+