The nVidia RTX Family (Non-)Update

RTX 2080 TiI hope you did not miss nVidia’s conference yesterday! Lots of tech/game demos were shown, and lots and LOTS of fancy words (two hours worth) were used to tell us that nVidia is launching the new RTX series of cards.

nVidia announced 3 new Graphics Cards:

Prices for the non-founders edition cards will be a bit cheaper.

So why the change from GTX to RTX?

nVidia is adding higher ray-tracing capabilities in its new cards. And what is ray-tracing? It is a rendering technique that allows for more realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows. Unfortunately, while nVidia did show us a lot of cool ray-tracing demos, we do not know how much of a performance impact ray-tracing has.
Remember PhysX and HairWorks? They both looked cool, but the performance drop can be unacceptable. nVidia also did not compare normal performance of the new cards vs the old cards, and opted instead to only compare “ray-tracing performance”.

When will they be available, and when will they be added to Logical Increments’ main chart?

Pre-orders for the new cards are available now, but you may want to wait for proper third party reviews first. The new cards are expected to launch on the 20th of September, with the RTX 2070 delayed to October.
If the new cards are good (and they should be), and if cryptominers allow it, we will be adding these new cards once they become available for purchase.