Now Hiring: Computer Expert/Editor

Update: The application deadline has passed.

Logical Increments is hiring a new Computer Expert/Editor.

This job will entail regularly answering questions from our visitors. It will also involve editing articles that will appear on our blog and website, plus a lot of other things. We are essentially looking for a Swiss Army Knife in human form!


  • Application Deadline: July 7, 2017 (but don’t procrastinate!) — deadline has passed.
  • Job type: Remote, part-time with flexible hours
  • Hours: 10-20 per week (flexible to your schedule)
  • Pay: Hourly rate depending on experience
  • Responsibilities:
    • Answer questions and provide advice related to PC building and PC hardware
    • Copyedit and publish articles
    • Help us run our social media
    • Contribute ideas and monitor news in the PC hardware/gaming space
    • Optional: Write blog posts!
    • Mandatory: Tolerate our bountiful wits and charms
  • Required skills/attributes:
    • High degree of PC hardware knowledge
    • First-hand experience building PCs
    • Excellent writing and editing skills
    • Positive and patient attitude
  • Desired-but-not-required skills/attributes:
    • Basic knowledge of HTML
    • Willingness to learn basic HTML on the job if you don’t know it
    • Basic Photoshop skills

This role requires patiently answering questions such as, “Are all the parts compatible in this build?” and “Which PC parts should I get so that I can stream Hatoful Boyfriend at 144 FPS?”

To apply, send us:

  • A resume (or at least a list of relevant experience)
  • A brief letter detailing your qualifications and any other noteworthy skills/experience
  • An answer to this question: Assuming these two CPUs and their motherboards are the same price, which types of PC users would you recommend get an Intel i7-7700K, and who would you recommend an AMD Ryzen 1700X?

Please send this to

If this sounds like an awesome job but you are not sure about your qualifications, please apply anyway!

Once again, the application deadline is July 7, 2017. However, early applications are highly encouraged. We may start interviews before the deadline passes, so don’t procrastinate!

Questions? Ask them in the comments below!