PC Build Success Story: Gaming and Video Editing PC

I’m a contributing writer for Logical Increments, but I’m also a fan and a user of LI’s build guides and other resources. Some of the research for my own workstation PC build happened on this very site in the middle of 2016. The video above is a walkthrough of my PC building experience last October, which resulted from that research here and elsewhere.

Below you can find some more details on the build and video, as well as a full parts list.

PC Build Video Details:

When I’m not writing for Logical Increments or another site, I do most of the research, writing, editing, web development, graphic design, and narration for The Gemsbok blog website and The Gemsbok’s brand new associated YouTube channel. The Gemsbok provides articles (and now videos) on books, games, movies, and philosophy.

But The Gemsbok used to be run primarily from a laptop (admittedly a powerful laptop, but a six-year-old laptop nonetheless), which precluded a lot of the lofty rendering, gaming, recording, streaming, and video editing project goals I had for the site.

So that’s why, in the middle of last year, I started putting together a build plan for The Gemsbok PC with information from Logical Increments and other prominent PC hardware sites and forums. The video above is the culmination of those efforts.

I mistakenly say that the RAM is DDR4-2133 when it is in fact DDR4-2400; there are a few audio glitches from the upload process; and I neglect to mention a couple of installed peripherals like my webcam and speakers (a Logitech C920 and a set of Micca PB42X, respectively). But otherwise that video gives a clear picture of the PC build process, with plenty of footage of both the parts and the completed machine, and a few mistakes I made along the way.

The Gemsbok PC build video

PC Build Parts List:

Here’s a full list of the parts in my build, for you to peruse. If you’re curious about any of the choices, I have explanations of many of them in the video. If you’re curious about something not mentioned in the video, feel free to ask me.

CPUIntel Skylake i5-6600K
Graphics CardAsus GTX 1060 6GB Dual
MotherboardMSI Z170A SLI
CPU CoolerCryoRig H7
RAM2X G.Skill 8GB DDR4-2400
Power SupplySeaSonic 620W M12II
HDD2X 1TB Seagate Barracuda
SSD120GB Adata Premier SP550
CaseCorsair 100R Mid Tower
Exhaust Case Fans2X CryoRig QF120 Balance
Intake Case Fans2X CryoRig XF140
CD/DVD/BR DrivePioneer BDR-209DBK


The Gemsbok PC build video

Daniel Podgorski
is the Managing Editor for Logical Increments. He is also the writer, graphic designer, and video/audio editor behind The Gemsbok blog website and The Gemsbok YouTube channel.