Build Success Story: Jerry’s Photo and Video Editing PC


Over the past few months, the Logical Increments team has been emailing with a reader named Jerry about his desire to build a PC for the first time. Today, we received the great news that his new PC is completed — and it looks pretty awesome.

As a professional photographer, Jerry was looking for a new PC that could handle processing huge batches of photo edits. His old PC had grown sluggish, wasting a ton of his time as he waited for images to fully process in Lightroom and Photoshop. He also wanted something that could handle editing 4K video, and his old PC was not cutting it.

But Jerry had never built his own PC before. He read that building his own PC could give him a lot more power for his money compared to buying a new Mac Pro, so he started doing some research. Eventually, he came across Logical Increments and emailed us some questions.

Long story short, Jerry progressed from asking very basic questions to feeling confident enough to buy his parts and assemble the PC himself. And the PC he ended up with is quite a beast.

Let’s check out the components:


Jerry took time out of his busy photography schedule to put the build together over the course of a couple weeks. Since this was his first build, he wanted to be extra careful that he performed each step correctly.

“It finally came together and I have to say it looks great and is pretty fast,” Jerry told us.

Now that his build is complete and speeding up his photo editing workflow, his wife is feeling a little envious and has requested a custom build of her own.

“I think next year I’ll build one for her using the In Win 901 — love that case,” he said.


We’re looking forward to giving Jerry any advice on that build, should he need any. Luckily, he already sounds like an old pro.

We’d like to thank Jerry for sharing his story and sending along photos. If Logical Increments helped you build your PC and you’d like to share your story, please contact