New Skylake Pentium and Celeron CPUs Added to Logical Increments


Our Minimum, Entry, and Modest tiers have been updated with Intel’s Skylake Celeron and Pentium CPUs. These are cheap, low-tier CPUs that are decent for a tight budget.

With DDR4 RAM prices on par with DDR3, and new H110 motherboards being cheap and plentiful everywhere, this is a good time to swap the highly popular G3258 (as well as the G3250 and G1840) with some newer CPUs.

Previously, our Entry tier already included the Intel G4400. Now, the CPU recommendations for these tiers appear as follows:

These dual core processors have amazing single-threaded performance, with the G4500 having even better single-threaded performance than the 8-core, $1,000 i7-5960X.

Now, all of the builds on Logical Increments that use Intel CPUs will require DDR4 RAM and Skylake-compatible motherboards.

If these changes are not yet reflected in your home country, expect them to go live soon.