More Picks from the Steam Summer Picnic Sale

steam picnic sale

We missed the last few days of the Steam sale, due to the RX 480 (and also maybe possibly playing too much Dota 2). The good thing is that this Steam sale has all the sales available all the way to the end, so you can still buy all the games listed here, at a great discount.

1. The Walking Dead. A hugely popular “point-and-click” horror game, with an excellent storyline. 75% discount.

2. Just Cause. Also known as “Mayhem Simulator”. For the 75% discount, this GTA-like game can scratch your parachuting-Spiderman-with-guns itch.

3. Papers, Please. An engaging political game, with terrible graphics. You take the role of a passport inspector at the border. Glory to Arstotzka, at a 50% discount.

3. Bioshock (1, 2, and Infinite). An excellent trio of FPS games. For the 75-80% discount, give them look.

4. Fallout 4. If you have been wanting to build your own little settlement in the post-nuclear apocalypse, you can now do so for 50% less $$$ spent!

5. Shadow of Mordor. This highly reviewed Lord of the Rings RPG is on a 75% discount.

6. Terraria. Minecraft in 2D! 50% off!

7. Age of Mythology. This one is for the older generation of gamers. The “Age of” series came to 3D, and was glorious! Well… by 2003 standards! 80% discount.

8. Dragon Age: Origins. The graphics have not aged well, but this is a highly recommended RPG, if you like the genre and have not tried it. 75% off.

9. Rise of Nations. 2003 graphics, 2016 love! This is a great RTS on a 80% discount. Do not buy if you cannot play old games, though!

10. Portal (1 and 2). There will be dessert. A type of sweet pastry, to be sure. 75-80% discount.

11. Borderlands (1, 2, Tales from the, and The Pre-Sequel). What is happening here? Complete and utter insanity? RPG FPS? 60-75% discount? All the above?

12. CS:GO. Run, run, shoot, shoot. 50% off.

13. Cities: Skylines. The little indie that could stand up to the biggest city-building names, and beat them! 60% discount.

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