Steam Summer Picnic Sale, Day 2!


The second day of the Steam Sales is here! Let us take a look at all the nice games with good discounts that are available.

1- The Witcher 2 & 3: This franchise needs no introduction, with Witcher 3 winning enough “Game of the Year” awards to break records. Witcher 2 is on an 85% discount, and Witcher 3 is 50%.

2- Fallout 3 and New Vegas: Fallout 3 was the first 3D (and FPS!) of the Fallout franchise. Very grey, and a good way to check out the Fallout universe if you are on a budget. New Vegas was much less grey, and more brown, and is closer to the first 2 Fallout games in style. Both games are 50% off for the vanilla game, and 40% off for all the DLC.

3- Age of Empires II HD: Jump back to the glory days of 1997 gaming! Pure, raw, and definitely lacking many of the features in the most modern RTS, AoE II remains a beloved gem in the RTS community. And for the 85% discount, you should give it a try!

4- Final Fantasy 7 & 8: Final Fantasy 7 was considered a breakthrough in 3D gaming, and was so popular that it helped boost the Playstation sales. Along with FF8 and 9, these are some of the best games that were available for the first Playstation. For today’s gamers, both of these games played for the story, not for graphics. The discount is 50%.

5- Alien Isolation: Survival space horror, based on the acclaimed movies, on a 75% discount.

6- Metro Redux Bundle: Both Metro 2033, and Metro Last Light, on a 75% discount. If you want the post-nuclear apocalypse, but do not want any Fallout, these games are excellent!

7- Torchlight II: We are not going to compare this game to Diablo, because everyone else already has. Torchlight is a great game in its own right, so if you want some hack-n-slash RPG, this title is on an 80% discount.

There are a tonne more deals (you can read about them here), and there will be highlighted deals every day. Let us know what other games (with good discounts!) have caught your eye!