Steam Summer Picnic Sale Begins!


Today is the first day of the Steam sales. We take a look at the current deals that caught our eye, pointing out the games that we feel are both good games, and that received a major discount.

1. Deus Ex, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. These are the games that have so many genre tags, they are unclassified. Enter the world of stealth-based RPG cyberpunk SciFi FPS, packed with some of the best storytelling available in PC gaming. Both games are on a 75% discount.

2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Assassinations, stealth, pirates! A pretty decent game, we are recommending it for the 75% discount.

3. Civilization 5: Complete. The Civilization series is one of the best (and oldest!) turn based strategy games. Civ5 is on a 75% discount, and is a great buy for those who want to get a taste, before the upcoming release of Civilization 6!

4. Transistor. This beautiful isometric hack-and-slash RPG is the successor to the wildly popular Bastion. A great buy for the 75% discount.

5. FTL. Would you like to feel angry, frustrated, and helpless? For $3 (70% discount), FTL can make you pull your hair out. It is a 2D indie “spaceship warfare” game, so check the gameplay vids before you purchase.

There are a tonne more deals (you can read about them here), and there will be highlighted deals every day. Let us know what other games (with good discounts!) have caught your eye!