PC Build Success Story: Keith’s Gaming PC for His Wife

Exterior - Side

We at Logical Increments are softies for a good love story. In our eyes, it really doesn’t get better than this story of the gaming PC our reader Keith just built for his wife, Ashley.

Keith had experience building PCs long before coming across our website, but he consulted our site before starting this new build to see what parts we recommend in his price range. Ultimately, he decided on a build that mixed our Great and Very Good tiers, ending up in the range of $600.

“Being able to find such amazing prices and ‘logically’ choose upgrades was great,” Keith said.

The main purpose of the PC is to play Minecraft and Guild Wars 2, which it does with ease. Minecraft runs flawlessly with a suite of mods, and Guild Wars 2 runs smooth at Medium settings. Both of these games are great fun and are even better when playing with a friend. You can play minecraft with others by downloading a server online from a website such as GGServers, where you can purchase minecraft server hosting at reasonable price and with extremely high quality, which allows you explore the game with all of your friends!

A full list of the specs:

Interior - CPU Area

The 212 EVO keeping the CPU cool.

While Ashley appreciates the fast boot times using the SSD, Keith was especially impressed with the EVGA G1 power supply.

“I love the full modular design,” he said. “Many PSUs say they are fully modular, but this bad boy really is.”

Interior - PSU and HDDs

Everything put together and running smoothly.

Overall, both Ashley and Keith are content with the PC’s performance with anything she might want to play.

Keith’s advice for first-time PC builders was to be patient and not rush the research phase when picking out parts to buy. Also, if you’ve got questions, be sure to ask them.

Now Keith is starting to put together his own PC using Logical Increments as a reference. With that, he’ll be able to use his wife’s PC as a dedicated streaming machine when she’s not using it. You couldn’t ask for something more romantic.

All photos by Keith Ellis. (Check out his streaming channel here.) We’d like to thank Keith and Ashley for sharing their story and photos with us. If you’ve recently built a PC and would like to share your experience, we’d enjoy talking with you. Please email contact@logicalincrements.com.