PC Build Success Story: Jay’s Video Editing PC for Team eLevate

Jay's battlestation!

Jay’s battlestation!

We at Logical Increments love helping people build PCs. Many of our team members also love watching professional PC gaming. And now we’ve helped someone from a professional gaming organization build a PC — a video editing PC, to be exact.

Jay is the videographer and media editor for Team eLevate, a North American professional eSports organization. He produces content for the team’s YouTube channel, and he recently decided to make a PC upgrade to help him do his job as well as possible.

This was Jay’s first time building his own PC. He’d been using a laptop for 5 years, and didn’t know much about the inner-workings of PCs beyond knowing that they had a CPU and RAM.

He considered buying a pre-built PC, but he knew that he’d be paying a high premium compared to picking out the parts himself. Next, he checked out a few websites that build custom PCs based on the user’s specifications, but he felt like he didn’t have the knowledge to pick the best parts in the first place.

So, he decided to commit to researching PC hardware and figuring out what it takes to build a PC himself. Soon, he was learning everything he needed.

“After extensive Googling and asking a few friends, I was directed to Logical Increments,” he said, “and from the first page I knew this was going to be my main hub of information that I would use in learning about PC building.”


The components prior to assembly.

As a videographer for a well-known eSports organization, Jay knew he wanted a build that was both a powerful video editing machine and a high-end gaming PC. So, he prioritized the GPU and CPU equally, and came up with the following specs:


Everything coming together.

Jay said the biggest challenge was educating himself on PC hardware and researching the best parts to meet his goals. On the other hand, actually assembling the PC was surprisingly easy.

“Although I was initially daunted by the idea of putting the components in correctly and relying on luck and crossed fingers for it to eventually run correctly, I found that it was a very easy and smooth process,” he said.

Jay’s greatest advice for fellow first-time builders is that while assembling a PC is a lot easier than you might expect, it’s still important to do your research. Never be afraid to ask or search through forums for the right answer.

“Have fun with it,” he added. “There will be a couple times when you’re scratching your head and confused, but those will be few and far between if you’ve done your research right.”

Everything in the case, the Silverstone Raven RV02.

Everything in the case, the Silverstone Raven RV02.

If you like Jay’s build, let him and Team eLevate know on Twitter: @eLevateFlux for Jay, and @eLevateGG for the team.

All photos by Jay. We’d like to thank Jay for sharing his story and photos with us. If you’ve recently built a PC and would like to share your experience, we’d enjoy talking with you. Reach us at contact@logicalincrements.com.