Show Us Your PC Build!

Willy Gates

TL;DR: We enjoy seeing PCs that our readers build. If Logical Increments helped you build your computer in any way, we want to share your build story on our blog. Email us at with your name and some photos of your build, and we’ll be in touch.

Here at Logical Increments, we always receive a jolt of pride and joy when a reader tells us that our website helped them build their computer. It’s even better when they send us pictures of the completed build or the build process as a whole.

We were recently reminded of this when one reader, Jim, emailed us with the story of his successful first PC build. After a lifetime of buying computers for his design work, Jim discovered Logical Increments and picked out parts for his dream workstation PC.

If our website has somehow helped with your PC build, we’d enjoy hearing your story and sharing it on our blog. If that sounds fun, email us at with your name and some photos of your build. One of us will get back to you, and you’ll probably see your build on our blog shortly after that!