New Guide: How to Build the Best Steam Machine


Since well before Valve launched SteamOS in late 2013, some PC gamers have been interested in replacing their living room gaming devices with a computer solution that can play PC games and pack more graphical power than a console. Valve later introduced Big Picture Mode and the concept of the Steam Machine: a small PC you use to game in your living room in place of a console.

With the booming popularity of Mini-ITX small-form-factor computer builds, we decided to put together a guide to building the perfect gaming computer for your living room: How to Build the Best Steam Machine

This guide details all the hardware you would need for 4 different example Steam Machines, depending on your budget and needs. We also provide a simple overview of how to transform a PC into a Steam Machine, and give some useful tips for how to get the most out of your new little super-console.

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