The Best of Newegg’s 24-Hour Flash Sale, Jan. 27th!

powercolor380 tends to have some of the best sales on PC parts out of any online stores, and today (January 27), they are having a good one!

A lot of these prices are as low as I saw on Black Friday.


R9 380

R9 380, $165 after $20 rebate (list price: $200)

A good deal on a nice mid-range card. The 380 will handle most current games at 1080p with high detail settings.



AMD FX-8300, $115 (list price: $130)

Nice little discount for those looking for an affordable 8-core processor.


Power Supply


Corsair CX430M, $25 after $20 rebate (list price: $60)

A decent modular power supply that is a great deal at this price.


Corsair CX500, $30 after $20 rebate (list price: $70)

A decent, budget PSU. Great price!


EVGA SuperNOVA GS 650W, $70 after $20 rebate (list price: $110)

A good quality PSU. Gold and modular.



Rosewill ARC 750W, $60 after $25 rebate (list price: $90)

Good power supply. Great price!



Corsair RM750x 750W PSU, $100 after $20 rebate (list price: $130)

A well-built, reliable, stable, usually silent power supply. Not cheap, but very high quality.


Photon 1050

Rosewill Photon 1050W, $100 after $30 rebate (list price: $200)

A good, inexpensive, powerful 80+ Gold efficiency power supply. Struggles a bit in hot environments, but good for a normal cool room in a case with decent airflow. Tons of power for the price.


Corsair HX1000i, $159 after $20 rebate (list price: $230)

A fantastic, modular 1000W power supply.


CM Case

Cooler Master N300 case, $37 after $20 rebate (list price: $60)

A decent, nice-looking, mid tower case with high airflow potential. A good deal for $37.



Corsair SPEC-01 case, $34 after $10 rebate (list price: $60)

A very nice deal on this decent mid-tower case.



Rosewill Stealth, $50 after $20 rebate (list price: $100)

A great case for the price!



Rosewill Stryker M, $50 after $10 rebate (list price: $90)

A very well-reviewed case for the price bracket.



Thermaltake Core V51, $60 after $25 rebate (list price: $110)

A very well-reviewed mid-tower case.


Rosewill nighthawk 117

Rosewill Nighthawk 117 case, $80 after $20 rebate (list price: $130)

A large case with excellent airflow. Tons of room, good cable management options.


Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX case, $30 after $20 rebate (list price: $50)

Great deal on a very nice mini ITX cube case. A bit large for a Mini ITX case, but will fit regular ATX power supplies, many AIO water cooling rigs, and graphics cards up to 260 mm in length. Nice airflow, which is often a concern with Mini ITX cases.


Enthoo Evolv

Enthoo Evolv mid tower ATX case, $140 after $20 rebate (list price: $180)

An excellent, unique looking case. Great build quality. Surprisingly decent airflow. Plenty of room to add water cooling. One of my favorite current cases.


Enthoo Evolv mini ITX case, $50 after $10 rebate (list price: $70)

The mini ITX version of the Evolv. Just look at it!



Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, $120 after $20 rebate (list price: $160)

A very nice white aluminum/steel case. Great for a white themed build.



Z97 Fatal1ty Killer

ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Z97 Killer socket 1150, $90 after $20 rebate (list price: $135)

A very nice deal on a good Z97 motherboard. This would be great to combine with an i7-4790K, which is a much better value than the newer i7-6700K.


ASRock Z170 Extreme 6

ASRock Z170 Extreme 6 socket 1151, $125 after $20 rebate (list price: $180)

A good value high end motherboard for Skylake. Everything you could want in a nice high end motherboard, including good overclocking support. Early batches had some quality control issues, which is why they are on sale now.

That’s it!

Spot any more good deals on Newegg? Share them in the comments!

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