Holiday 2015 Gift Guide for PC Gamers, by a Gamer (YouTuber RecklessYuki)


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Our good friend, the smooth-voiced YouTube gaming sensation RecklessYuki, just released a gamer gift guide for the 2015 holiday season. Watch it here:

If you haven’t checked out Yuki’s channel before, he makes great videos on custom PC builds and 4K gameplay footage. Really, check it out.

Here are the products mentioned in the video, in order of appearance:

Gaming Controllers and Controller Peripherals

KontrolFreek FPS Snipr: Thumb grip add-ons for Playstation and Xbox controllers that improve performance in first-person shooters. Yes, we know these are console controllers, but you can still game with them on PC.

Scuf Controller (PS4): Yuki’s top recommendation if you want a controller in the shape of a Playstation 4 controller.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller: Yuki’s top recommendation if you want a controller in the shape of an Xbox One controller.

XIM4: If, for some reason, you wanted to game with a keyboard and mouse on a console, Yuki says this is the best adapter for doing that.


Logitech G502: Yuki’s favorite precision mouse for first-person shooters.

Logitech G602: Yuki’s favorite wireless mouse.

Keyboard and Key Samplers

Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Keyboard: Yuki’s recommended mechanical keyboard. Highly regarded. Choose the type of mechanical switch you want (or see the samplers below) and then behold: The keyboard of your dreams!

Max Keyboard Keycap Cherry MX 8 Key Sampler: Want to sample 8 different types of mechanical switches before deciding on a mechanical keyboard? Get this first. Also includes O-rings!

Max Keyboard Keycap Cherry MX 4 Key Sampler: The 4-switch version of the same sampler, just featuring the 4 most popular types of switches. Still includes O-rings!

KVM Switch

Anten Technologies CS692 KVM Switch: Want to switch between multiple computers and use the same keyboard and mouse without re-plugging everything? What about a controller used for both PC and console? With this KVM switch, you’ll never have to re-plug again!


Qanba Q1 Fightstick: An affordable option for a great fightstick for PC. Easy to modify and upgrade.


You might not know what to look for in an gaming monitor however there are a few things that you need to consider before you buy one.
BenQ XL2430T 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor: Up to 144 frames per second. Awesome for competitive gaming.

BenQ XL2420G G-SYNC 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor: 144 frames per second with G-SYNC.

Acer XB280HK G-SYNC 28″ 4K Gaming Monitor: 4K monitor with G-SYNC. Amazing if you can afford it!

4K Television

Samsung UN40JU6500 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: A 4K TV good enough for PC gaming.


ASTRO Gaming A40 TR: A good headset.

Audio Technica Headset: A very impressive headset.

Sennheiser PC 363D: Another very high quality headset.

HyperX Cloud: A more affordable headset. Still very good.

Headphone Amplifier

Creative Sound Blaster X7 USB DAC: In the market for an amplifier? This is what Yuki recommends.

Creative Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition USB DAC: The limited edition!


Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Headphones: Great headphones with open-air design, meaning they’re for home-use only. They don’t block outside sound! No bass, but high fidelity. Ideal for competitive gaming in which you need to focus on slight noises like footsteps.

Audio Technica ATH-AD900X Headphones: Similar to the AD700X, but with higher audio quality and a little more low-end sound. Still open-air design.

Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones: Another great headphone option. Still won’t block out sound, but great for audiophiles.


Zalman Zm-Mic1 Headphone Microphone: Want to game and communicate with teammates while using your favorite set of headphones? Just plug this microphone in and you should be set.

Neewer Lapel Microphone: A ridiculously affordable lapel microphone. Decent quality for bottom-of-the-barrel price. Clip it to your headphone cord for another cheap microphone solution.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4.0: Mount this to your headphones or desk for another microphone option.