The Best PC Hardware Deals of Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

Samsung UE590: A 28" 4K screen for $400.

Samsung UE590: A 28″ 4K screen for $400.

Yesterday, we experienced Newegg’s Black Friday deals arriving almost a week early. As it turns out, Amazon was right in sync with them, also starting their Black Friday sales on Monday.

Following tradition, we have rounded up our favorite PC hardware deals from Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

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Please note: The best deals are dependent on rebates. Rebates are reliable, butonly if you follow the instructions exactly and submit everything on time, so be careful!

Without further ado, here are our favorite deals:


  • Samsung UE590 (28″ 4K): $400 (list price: $600). UHD (4K) screens are pricey, and the cheapest are usually around $500. This unit is $400, making it one of the most affordable 4K screens ever. TN panel, though!
  • Dell P2415Q (24″ 4K): $410 (list price: $600). Another 4K/UHD option, and this one is IPS! The only drawback is that it is 24″, not 28″ or higher, as is common with most very high resolution screens.
  • LG UM95 (34″ 1440p ultrawide): $600 (list price: $900). An ultra-wide 3440×1440 screen, with a decent $100 discount (normal price is ~$700). If you were interested in an ultrawide, this is a good option.
  • Samsung U32D970Q (32″ 4K): $950 (list price: N/A). A 4K/UHD screen that is aimed at professionals and designers. 32″ of real estate!


  • Logitech G602$55 (list price: $80). One of the very rare mice that are both wireless and well-reviewed and recommended.
  • MIONIX NAOS 7000$50 (list price: $55). One of the best ergonomic mice available! The discount is small, but the mouse itself is excellent!


  • Intel Pentium G3258$60 (list price: $140?!?!). An overclockable Pentium, for a small $10 discount. Yes, $10 discount, as the real normal price is $70.
  • AMD FX-6300$90 (list price: $150?!?!). The real price is usually around $100-$110, but this is a good mid-tier CPU.
  • AMD FX-8320: $120 (list price: $200?!?!). True normal price is about $140, so this is a $20 discount on a very good CPU.


  • Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 5$133 (list price: $250?!?!). A decent motherboard with a decent discount. The actual normal price is $150, so take note!
  • Gigabyte X99 SLI$200 (list price: $315?!?!). The normal price is around $240, so you are getting $40 off an excellent 2011-3 mobo.


  • Corsair 200R$50 (list price: $133?!?!). A very good case, with a decent discount. Pay absolutely no attention to the absurd official original price: This case is typically $60-$70.
  • Corsair SPEC-01$43 (list price: $66). This is a big case.

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