GTX Titan X Launched, Added to Monstrous Tier


NVIDIA has launched its latest monstrosity of a top-tier graphics card, the GTX Titan X.

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The Titan X is the new single-GPU king, beating the GTX 980′s performance by a good 25%-33%. Unfortunately, the price is not “25%-33%” higher, but instead nearly doubled. At $550, the 980 is already very expensive, and the asking price of $1,000 for the Titan X is ridiculous.

Of course, when you have the best card around, you can ask for any price you want, and Titan X is the best card around. However, just because it is the best card does not mean it’s a logical purchase at $1,000 – unless you have a lot of money to spend.

For a more logical choice, you could get more performance from dual GTX 970s or dual R9 290Xs, and both of those solutions are much cheaper. So, even if you have $1,000 available to spend on graphics, the Titan X is not the way to do it.

But what if you have $2,000 for graphics? Since doing 3-way or 4-way SLIs typically causes more problems than is worthwhile, we would recommend 2 Titan X cards over a more affordable triple-GPU setup.

As a result, we have added the Titan X x2 as an alternative option to the 980 x2 in the Monstrous tier. Thankfully, NVIDIA allows for up to 2 cards per order!