Show Us Your PC Contest: Recap!

Last week we revealed the winners to our first ever Show Us Your PC contest. Our top 3 picks won Amazon gift cards and the honorable mentions got some sweet, sweet Steam games. And we got to ogle some awesome custom PCs, which happens to be our favorite thing to do.

Did you miss it? Do you want to relive the excitement in a more digestible format? This contest recap is for you!

Here’s a breakdown of the winners. Click on any winner to see more!

First Place: FANtastic Build

We loved Skye’s superpowered PC and the way he tastefully added Noctua fans everywhere. Seriously, go look at all those fans.

Second Place: The Desk Monster

Some wonderful nutjobs took an old desk they found on Craigslist and turned half of it into a gaming PC. This is our favorite kind of DIY project. Behold its beautiful madness!

Third Place: The Onyx III Mini

You have to take a look inside this little beast to fully appreciate it. It’s a powerhouse of a PC expertly packed into a small form factor case. You should really inspect the guts.

Honorable Mentions

We chose two honorable mentions: One because it made us laugh, and the other because it warmed out cold robot hearts.

The first was the sickening surprise of a laptop-in-a-tower:

The other honorable mention came from a great guy named Alex, who shared with us the tale of how high computer prices in South America forced him to learn how to build his own PC (with a little help from Logical Increments).

Read Alex’s story and check out the grotesque Windows XP laptop hiding inside a tower here.

We’d like to give one more big thanks to everyone who submitted to our contest. It was a lot of fun, even if we got a little dehydrated from all the drooling.