High-end AMD Graphics Cards Return to the US Guide


After months away, some old friends have returned to the US parts guide.

Prices of AMD graphics cards have been on a rollercoaster ride in recent months. The cryptocurrency craze in the US had caused a spike in demand for high-end video cards used to mine Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and the like, especially among AMD cards.

With higher demand came higher prices due to shortages. As a result, we were unable to recommend any high-end AMD cards on the US guide because the prices were temporarily illogical. (Prices were not affected as badly in other countries.)

But now that cryptocurrency mania is subsiding and AMD’s production has caught up with demand, prices are returning to normal levels.

We’ve returned the Radeon R9 280280X, 290 and 290X to the US guide at their appropriate tiers.

These four cards were not removed earlier because of any reason other than price. Now that their prices have returned to sane levels, we hope they provide a good alternative to the nVidia options available.

(Pictured: XFX Radeon R9 290X)