What We Are Waiting For, Part 1: GX700


Often, people wonder if buying whatever it is that they want is a good idea now, or if there is something new just around the corner. Our philosophy is to buy whatever is good now, and not wait. The only exception is if there is a confirmed product with a confirmed release date and a confirmed price that is better than current options and fits your budget and needs… with so many constraints, that rarely happens.

That being said, the technological grape vine (a.k.a the internet) is always ripe with rumours, hints, gossip and talk about various upcoming releases. Some of the gossip is fantasy, some is intentionally released by various parties with vicious intentions, and some gossip has some elements of the truth. We do not have any inside sources or secret informers, so we can only speculate, just like everyone else… but we can round up some of the products that we are waiting for.

Some of these products are real, and have been tested and reviewed. Some are fabrications, or with extremely exaggerated features and/or prices. We leave it as a test for the reader to decide which is which, but we advise maximum caution whenever reading rumours, even when we ourselves are the ones telling you about them.

Antec GX700 (Released, not yet on the shelves)

Product: Case

Expected price: USD$60

Sources: [Anandtech] [Hardwareheaven]

Images: [Antec official page]

The HAF 912 has been very lonely at the $60 price point. The Antec One Hundred, then the Antec One, then the Antec Gaming Series One all came and went (were they actually different cases?), and it seems that Antec wants to try again to win the contest for the best $60 case.

The case has a military theme, and it pulls it off nicely, something very few cases have done (look at the Corsair Vengeance for a great military-theme case, but double the GX700 price).  At $60, you cannot expect that much from a case: Good cooling, adequate features (particularly for expansion), good quality would already be beyond most cases at the price range. The GX700 just might be the case to deliver, and since it comes with three fans from the start, one can expect it to deliver the best cooling out of all cases $60 and below. The stock fan placement is non-conventional, with two fans on top and one at the back, all exhaust, so people who prefer positive pressure for the case will want to change that.


The above information is based on the reviews that we found, and the same reviews say to expect the GX700 to be available for purchase very soon. If the final on-the-shelf product does match the expected features and prices, then you can be sure that we will add it to the Logical Increments guide.


Join us next time for more tech-related products that we are waiting for.