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Our Top 60 Games in the Steam Winter Sale 2015

When doth cometh the Lord GabeN, bearing gifts? Every yuletide, of course!

Every year, Steam has several sales, usually coinciding with the various holidays. Two days ago, Steam’s Winter sales started, bringing down the prices of over 10,000 different games.

Some people would say that 10,000 is a large number of games, and we would agree. We have combed through the sales, and picked out about 60 titles that we liked the most. We split the recommendations in bigger and smaller titles. Since there are so many games on sale, we only looked at games with discounts of 50% or more.

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Review: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

tl;dr Very short. Very sweet, but not worth $20.

In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, you control Big Boss (a.k.a. Snake) as he infiltrates a military base and rescues a couple of prisoners. Ground Zeroes is a prelude to The Phantom Pain, the full game that is set to come out in 2015.

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