The Sharks and Whales Update

AMD Threadripper Promo Image

AMD has released two new 2nd-generation Threadripper CPUs (the TR 2920X and the TR 2970WX).


Apparently, it is “small fry,” and notsmall fries.” Small fry are small fish. Small fries is what you order to cut down on calories. I am only slightly embarrassed, but I can always say that English is not my first language. Or even second. Anyway…


So, AMD has released two new CPUs: the Threadripper 2920X and the Threadripper 2970WX.

The TR 2920X is an updated 1920X, almost exactly the same in everything but the manufacturing node (14nm -> 12nm) and operating speed. This new CPU is about 10% better than its predecessor, so it is an easy replacement for it.

The TR 2970WX is a cut-down 2990WX, with 24 cores. As with the 32-core 2990WX, you will have a hard time finding something that can take full advantage of this many cores. So if you buy the 2970WX, you will definitely have more (much more!) power than you could use. But the nice thing is that this new CPU is about $400 cheaper than the 2990WX, and yet has multi-threaded performance that is quite close.

Going forward:

  • The TR 2920X replaces the TR 1920X in the Extremist tier
  • The TR 2970WX is added to the Monstrous tier