The Ryzen+ Update

Ryzen 7 2700X

This quick post on changes to the main chart was started many moons ago (after the Ryzen+ release)—and the chips themselves were added to the US version of the chart back then, too.

But in the interest of getting this announcement out sooner rather than later, there will be no flavour text. If you like Magic The Gathering, you are out of luck!

What happened?

Ryzen+ got released, and some new SSDs became available.


  • In the Modest through Good tiers, we removed the R5 1400 CPU in regions where the price made sense to do so
  • In the Very Good tier, we upgraded the i3-8350K to the i5-8400
  • In the Great tier, we upgraded the R5 1600/1600X to the R5 2600/2600X
  • In the Superb tier, we removed the i7-8700K for relative tier power and balance reasons
  • In the Excellent tier, we added the R7 2700/2700X (with compatible mobos and HSFs)
  • In the Outstanding tier, we added the i7-8700 (non-K)
  • In the Enthusiast tier, we switched to GTX 1070 Ti x2 instead of GTX 1070 x2, again for relative tier power and balance reasons
  • Newer versions of various SSD options have been added throughout, where applicable
  • In tiers that had the Dark Rock 3 or Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU coolers, we switched to the Dark Rock 4 or Dark Rock Pro 4. These new HSFs are AM4 compatible, so we have also added the Dark Rock 4 to the Excellent tier

That’s all for now. Enjoy!