The Kaby Lake CPU Takeover

Kaby Lake continues its takeover our CPU recommendations.

Kaby Lake has now replaced all of the Skylake CPUs except for some low-end Skylake Celerons in our Minimum tier. (Since H210 motherboards are not out yet, we cannot find suitable motherboards for Kaby Lake Celerons.)

With today’s updates, Kaby Lake Pentiums have replaced not only Skylake Pentiums, but also the X4 CPUs from AMD. From the Entry to Exceptional tiers, all CPU recommendations are for Intel Kaby Lake processors. Enthusiast, Extremist, and Monster still feature Broadwell-E CPUs. For now, the only place to find AMD CPUs are in the Destitute and Poor tiers.

We are also now comparing the CPU relative performance to the i7-6950X, which has replaced the i7-5960X.

All of these changes are live on our USA parts list, with changes rolling out to the other countries over the coming weeks.

AMD’s new line of CPUs, Ryzen, is scheduled to launch in early March. We are hopeful that Ryzen will bring some much-needed competition back to the CPU realm. But until then, it will be near-total domination from Intel.