The Teeny Tiny Monstrous Update


We’ve made a minor update that disrupts our entire list of PC parts recommendations: The Monstrous tier (our most powerful, most expensive tier) is now more Monstrous.

Essentially, we have made a new more Monstrous tier to be our ultimate tier, and shifted up all the other tiers between Entry and Monstrous. Thus, one former tier has been cannibalized to make room for better tiers that offer slightly more variety.

For those with fat wallets and/or morbid curiosity, let’s review the components in the new Monstrous tier:

Total Price (as of publication): $4,459

We are continuing to make several more adjustments to the parts list in the coming weeks. And of course, we are also preparing our bodies, minds and souls for the launches of Intel’s Kaby Lake and AMD’s Zen.

Stay tuned!