The (Somewhat Sad) Good and Very Good CPU Update

So sad to see you go!

So sad to see you go!

The day has come for even more AMD CPUs to be removed from our PC parts guide, to be replaced with Core i3 alternatives. We do not want to see AMD represented less and less on our guide, but we have no choice until they have a new release. Our Good and Very Good tiers have been updated to recommend Intel Core i3 builds, replacing AMD’s Vishera CPUs in that price range.

We have had the Vishera CPUS (the FX-6300, FX-6350, and FX-8320) on our list for quite some time. They have less single-threaded performance, but comparable or higher multi-threaded performance when benched against the Skylake Intel Core i3 options.

For gaming, single-threaded performance is still important, and the i3 CPUs have been a better option in that regard. But price plays a part, too, and the Vishera CPUs are $10-$20 cheaper.

DDR4 RAM is now on par with (and often cheaper than) DDR3, and many socket 1151 motherboards are now available for $10-$20 cheaper than the AM3+ motherboards that we recommend. As such, it is time to do the logical and sad thing: The AM3+ builds are have been replaced with i3 builds. The total price will be the same, but the gaming performance will improve.

On a personal note, we are not happy with removing more and more AMD CPUs. But performance is performance. Until AMD’s fabled Zen CPUs are available, we are going to be looking at total Intel domination in the $100+ CPUs.

The Good and Very Good tiers will now sport Intel Core i3 CPUs, along with suitable 1151 motherboards and DDR4 RAM. These changes are live on the USA list, and will roll out on other lists shortly.

Here’s to hoping AMD’s upcoming CPUs will be competitive with Intel, and we see them triumphantly return to the higher tiers.