RX 460 Launched, Added to Logical Increments


AMD’s new budget graphics card, the RX 460, has launched.

The 460 has ~50% the power of the RX 480. This means that it is better than the GTX 750 Ti, but slightly weaker than the R7 370 and GTX 950. In newer games likes DOOM, the 460 has better performance than the 370 and 950, and if most upcoming games utilized Vulkan/DirectX 12, the RX 460 would be a very good replacement card. Unfortunately, even though we are getting closer to Q4 2016, the majority of games are not using Vulkan/DirectX 12. So, in average performance, the RX 460 currently lags behind.

Depending on whether or not the cards are on sale, the 370/950 typically occupy the $130-$150 price range. The RX 460 is being launched at $110 for the 2GB model, and $140 for the 4GB model. That means that the 4GB version is not worth recommending, but the 2GB is. Be careful, though! This is a new card being launched, and the reasonably priced models will sell out quickly.

The RX 460 is only a logical purchase at prices lower than the R7 370 and GTX 950.

That said, we will be adding the 2GB RX 460 to the Fair tier, replacing the 370 and 950 in that tier. We still recommend those two cards in the Good tier.

Hopefully there will soon be another 14nm/16nm graphics card release to fill the nearly $100 gap between the RX 460 and the RX 470!