NVIDIA Titan X Launched, Added to Logical Increments


NVIDIA’s latest release is the $1,200 NVIDIA Titan X (no “GeForce,” no “GTX,” just “Titan X”).

Yes, that’s one thousand and two hundred American $$$ USD $$$ money-dollars! With a price tag like that, performance expectations should be very high, and the Titan X does not disappoint. I hear you asking, and the answer is: Yes, this card CAN play Witcher 3 at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second! This new card is about 30-40% more powerful than the GTX 1080.

There is not much to say beyond that with regards to performance. This is the first time that we can recommend a high-end card, without recommending it in SLI. Since current 4K screens do not go above 60Hz yet, and since no one has actually benched the new Titan X in SLI, we are not going to recommend it in SLI just yet.

However, the Titan X is not all roses. While the performance is unmatched, there are a fewdrawbacks:

  1. The card comes with a reference cooler that is subpar. Reviewers have complained that it cannot cool the card well enough, and this leads to thermal throttling and louder noise levels.
  2. The Titan X comes in reference only. You cannot get the Titan X with a different cooler from another manufacturer.
  3. The card is available exclusively from NVIDIA. You cannot buy it from Newegg, Amazon, or anywhere except right here.

Sure, you can buy the card and then slap on an aftermarket cooler, or add it to a watercooling loop, but that is just adding insult to a $1,200 injury.

What do we do with such a card? We recommend it, but not in SLI — at least not yet. For those who want an Extremist or Monstrous computer, the Titan X can satisfy all your gaming needs. Heaven help you… and your wallet.