New Updates to CPUs, Mobos, RAM, and SSDs on Logical Increments


Intel’s Skylake Pentium G4400 has been added to our Modest tier.

New PC hardware releases (and falling prices on older hardware) have caused a lot of small updates to our PC parts recommendations. This update focuses on improving our recommendations in the mid-range tiers. There are a lot of small updates, so let us take them category by category.


  • GTX 950 replaces the GTX 750 Ti as the second recommendation in the Fair tier. As new GPUs stabilize and older GPUs decrease in price, the older cards will slowly be phased out.


  • The Minimum tier now recommends two Intel Celeron options, the G1820 or G1840.
  • The Entry tier now recommends two Intel Pentium options, the G3250 or G3258.
  • The Skylake Pentium G4400 is now our CPU recommendation for the Modest tier.
  • The AMD X845 has been added to the Fair tier. This newer CPU is slightly cheaper than the X4 860K, but offers very similar performance.
  • AMD FX-6300 moved up to the Good tier, replacing the X4 860K.
  • Intel i3-6100 moved up to Great tier, replacing the FX-6300.
  • Intel i3-6300 added as an alternative to the i3-6100 in Great and Superb tiers. The i3-6300 is only 100 MHz faster, but it’s still a good alternative.


  • We’ve added Socket 1151 motherboards to the Modest tier to be compatible with the G4400.
  • We’ve added cheaper motherboards to the Good tier. Better options have become available since we last updated this tier.
  • The Great and Superb tiers have also been updated with newer, cheaper motherboards.


  • Our Superb tier 120GB recommendation has been replaced with a 250GB choice. Prices of 250GB SSDs are now so low that 120GB options aren’t very logical once you reach this tier.
  • “Fast” 250GB SSDs have been replaced by 480GB models in several tiers. With SSD prices continuing to fall, we value larger storage sizes over SSD speed. Relatively speaking, all SSDs are very fast.


  • To reflect the addition of the G4400 in the Modest tier, that tier now features 4GB DDR4 RAM.
  • We’ve now upgraded DDR4 RAM to a minimum of DD4-2400 in all tiers except Modest. Previously, many of our RAM recommendations were DDR4-2133.
  • Our RAM recommendation for Enthusiast, Extremist, and Monstrous is now DDR4-3000. Recent reports have demonstrated that RAM speed has a greater performance impact with DDR4 than it had with DDR3.

And there you have it! If you have any questions about our updates or our process for updating the parts list, please let us know in the comments.

  • Andreas Balslev

    It might be kinda confusing to some of the people who are new to building computers that the modest tier uses DDR4 RAM, when the tier’s around it uses DDR3.

    • That’s a good point. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the best solution is. The G4400 is superior to other Intel chips in that price range, and we want to recommend the best CPU for the price.

      The new AMD chips coming out this winter will support DDR4 and replace the current line of DDR3 chips, but until then we might just have one tier of DDR4 amidst a lot of DDR3. Hopefully it doesn’t cause too much confusion.

      • Andreas Balslev

        Yeah, it makes sense, I guess it’s always a bit of a hassle when a new standard for RAM comes out. I was just about to ask if you had the same problem when DDR3 came out, but I don’t know how old this site actually is. How long has Logical Increments existed?

        • The site was launched in late 2012, but it first existed as a regularly updated .png file shared around the internet, originally made by our co-founder The Falcon.

          • and that’s how I got here, I had in my bookmarks for years before I found out there’s a whole homepage built around that chart!

          • Andreas Balslev

            Then how did you get to work here?

          • I commented here why there was no German subpage, and so they asked me if I’d like to help.

    • Jeff Ledford

      This appears to be the time when DDR4 is beginning to phase out DDR3. That would mean the removal of DDR3 in any higher tiers would follow. If not, there has to be a really good reason not to replace with DDR4. And that reason should be included on your LI blog.

    • We mention it in the CPU, Mobo and RAM descriptions – I hope that’s enough 😀
      James said everything about the problems. Afaik neither CPUs nor Mobos support DDR4 plus regular DDR3 RAM (only DDR3L). Sometimes that was different back then, my Phenom 965 supports both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM.

  • aarr44

    If you guys value capacity over speed, why don’t you include the Premier SP550 SSD? It’s half the price of Samsung/Crucial/Sandisk/Kingston etc. SSDs with the same capacity. It’s received many good reviews and is on Johnny Lucky’s recommended SSD list. Link:

    • We include new parts when we know about it and the price/performance/size/speed is better than for other parts.
      We have the SP610 and SP920 on our US list (at least marked as “approved”, if they are currently unlisted it is because of the mentioned things). The SP550 can be found on the German sheet every now and then when the price is right.
      Besides that, our team is too small to have the capacities to notice any new piece of hardware that is released. We read the most common sources (more infos here and we check manufacturers’ homepages regularly – but regularly does not mean everyday if you have a small team and dozens of pages to check next to our regular work. So, thank you for your recommendation! We will take it into account and I’ll ask the team why the SP550 is not on the US approval list 🙂

      • Andreas Balslev

        Are the people at Logical Increments Paid or is it volunteer work?

        And the page you are linking to says “404 PAGE NOT FOUND”

        • lol disqus puts the closing bracket into the link, I fixed it 😀

        • Both, depending on what sort of work is being done. If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email: