High-End Intel Broadwell-E CPUs Added to Logical Increments


Intel has launched its latest set of high-end CPUs, the Broadwell-E series. This is a set of 4 CPUs, at $450, $650, $1100, and $1750 price points.

We have added the following CPUs to the Logical Increments parts list:

  • i7-6800K, $450, added to the Extremist tier
  • i7-6850K, $650, also added to the Extremist tier
  • i7-6900K, $1100, added to the Monstrous tier
  • i7-6950X, $1750, also added to the Monstrous tier

Yes, I also squinted at the screen when I read that last price the first time: $1750.

One thousand, seven hundred, and fifty dollars, folks.

Normal people might consider the idea of a $1750 consumer CPU to be absolute lunacy, and I would not blame them. What does this eye-watering sum get you? A 10-core CPU with hyperthreading. The $1100 option is 8 cores, so you are paying 60% extra for a 20% increase in core count on an already obscenely expensive CPU. Now this is not the most expensive CPU out there, and not even close to having the biggest core count (there are 22-core CPUs), but it is the biggest consumer CPU (read: non-server-grade CPU).

Good thing we have a perfectly suitable PC tier for this CPU, eh? Monstrous!

For the hardcore CPU enthusiasts among you, we hope you find these new recommendations useful. Now excuse me while I dry my eyes.